Meet Orange County Owners: Marlee and Megan Malone-Franklin

We are passionate about serving families! In our time as doulas, we've seen family after family struggle to find reliable childcare that fits their varied needs. We're so excited to be able to offer a solution!

We believe in care that is respectful, compassionate, and warm-hearted. With a thorough background in child development and gentle parenting techniques, we choose our nannies carefully. We strive to create a network of nannies who provide care from a similar perspective, emphasizing patience, kindness, and creativity.

As doulas, we understand the needs of parents and families in a unique way. We're so excited to help make childcare work better for families and nannies alike!

Marlee & Meganare a married couple who were both born and raised in Orange County. Marlee has been caring for children since she was 10 years old and spent a few years as a full-time nanny before transitioning fully into doula work. She has a degree in arts education from Cal State Monterey Bay. Megan has also provided occasional childcare through the years, but focuses more on the business side of things. She has a degree in music from USC and works for a non-profit arts organization. Outside of Spilt Milk, Marlee and Megan provide childbirth preparation, birth doula, and postpartum doula services to growing families in Orange County and Long Beach. Through Spilt Milk Nannies, we are so thrilled to be able to provide flexible, high-quality childcare to kids and families in our community!

Amazing Service for Busy Moms!

Blair, parent
I love using Spilt Milk nannies! I am a busy momma of two that owns a small business which requires last minute notice for childcare. Since I don't have family close and my husband travels a lot these ladies have had a pivotal roll in me keeping my sanity and not letting my customers down. Win win!!!
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